Workshop Series Topics
Time Management for Kids
Kids learn the concept of what it means to organize something that can't be seen. By writing down our thoughts we can begin to see all that needs to be done. It can be hard as a kid to balance time to play, time to learn, time to grow and family time. I provide a simple strategy to keep their life in order while providing the structure and stability to balance all their obligations. This method may also be used as a parenting communication tool. When we can get our kids to articulate exactly what area of their life is causing them anxiety it is easier to parent. Appropriate for 1st grade and up. Parents must attend. 

Time Management 
Learn strategies for categorizing and prioritizing your to do lists in order to maximize your time and multi-task efficiently. Learn how to set up a schedule that will help you lead a more productive lifestyle. Interactive workshop where everyone leaves with a productive to do list and the tools to get them done.

Home Organizing

Learn tips on how to get organized. From Paper Piles, Closets & Drawers, Garages, Laundry/Utility Rooms and Entryways, to Kitchens, Bedrooms, Playrooms, and Bathrooms. I will share with you the secret to keeping your home organized.

Picture Party
Host a group of friends to come over and learn how to maximize the brains of their smart phones when it comes to pics and keepsakes. No time to upload to a computer? No problem! I can share with you the latest apps available to print photos and photo books all directly from your phone. You will even learn how to organize your pics on your phone in this 1 hour workshop.

Photo Collections

Learn safe ways to manage your memorabilia, scrapbooks, photo albums, and/or keepsake boxes.  Develop a system that fits your schedule to transfer pics from your camera to your computer. Come with a box of photos and leave with an album.

Home Management
I will teach you to effectively manage the constant flow of papers that come into your home—mail, catalogues, bills, invitations, school forms, tax files, etc, by establishing a quick and easy personalized paper sorting system. I will help you create a schedule for cleaning and maintenance to help you manage your home. You will learn tips on being the perfect hostess.  I will teach you how to prepare and celebrate stress-free Shabbats and Holidays (yes, even Passover!), while entertaining family and friends.

Emergency Preparedness
Get organized, be prepared for a disaster. Learn what you need to know in the event of an emergency. Be prepared at work, on the road, or at home with what you might need. I will help you set up an emergency closet in your home, by providing a list of necessary items to purchase and store. 

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