“Jaime is the sweetest woman and easiest person to get along with. She makes organizing fun!”
Monika Zands- Business Consultant   http://www.monikazands.com/

"Since the day I first walked into Jaime’s home, I marveled at her organization skills.  Not only was everything neat and clean (not an easy feat with two toddlers and a baby crawling around), it was also decorated nicely and pleasing to the eye.  Jaime has the innate ability to turn a house (or even a small apartment) into a welcoming home, a place that is both beautiful and relaxing.  Her clutter free work zones are not empty of items; she just maximizes the use of a given space in order to turn it into an accessible and highly functioning area.

Jaime is a caring person and it is in her nature to help others.  In the last five years, whenever I felt stressed or overwhelmed by my busy schedule, I would just tell Jaime about it.  In moments, she would set up a plan of action that allowed me to accomplish the most amount of work with the least amount of time, effort and complications.  Jaime is my go-to-girl for simplifying any unnecessary clutter in my life, and I thank her for her help, her concern, and her non-judgmental process.  She has organized my mail, my filing system, my financial papers, my work, and my home life.  Jaime has made every part of my life happier and more manageable." Shana Hirsh - Infant Care Specialist

"Jaime's calm and efficient approach makes her a pleasure to work with.  She surveyed our work and storage areas, made suggestions, took into account our suggestions and came up with a plan to organize our storage and work areas.  While we are still "a work in progress", we can see and appreciate the difference her organizational skills have made.  
With phase one completed, we look forward to phase 2 and the completion of the organizing process. 
Jaime's attention to detail, her own efficient use of time and her fair pricing convinced even the Doubting Thomases in our group that this was a much needed project and moneys well spent even, or especially, in these financially challenging times.  

Our ability to find supplies easily has already saved us considerable dollars and I am convinced that over the course of the year we will recoup our expenditure in that we will no longer be buying unnecessary items because now we know where everything is!" 

Miriam Kosberg -  Director of Bubbie's House Day Care 

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