Organizing Challenge #3 Car Clutter

Is this your car?
(if it is please call me I can help you!)

3 Simple Steps 
to Conquer Car Clutter

I pass by this car every morning as I walk my kids to school. I have pointed it out on numerous occasions. How could I not? I explain to them that I do not want our car to look that way, that is why we have to clean it.  

The woman who drives this car can barely see out the windows, it is definitely not safe. I admit, even I have had the occasional empty water bottle rolling dangerously close to my feet while driving. A cluttered car is dangerous! 

Many car owners know that a car needs to be maintained regularly. Oil changes are required for a car to function, tires need air... However the inside of your car needs your attention too. I know people who do not allow food to be eaten in the car. We shouldn't really be eating there anyway. The biggest source of clutter in a car comes from food. Crumbs and wrappers are the biggest culprits. Yet most of us are guilty of feeding our kids on the go. Whether you choose to imply this rule is your choice. 

Here are a few strategies to help you clean out your car and maintain it from the inside out. These steps are so simple you can even do them with your kids! After all they made most of the mess right? Practice these 3 steps and your car will thank you. 

1. When you fill your car with gas, empty it of trash
This is a great habit and one you can do as a family. I give my kids, all under 6 years old, 2 bags and ask them to fill one with trash, and one with "stuff" while I am pumping gas. When we are fueled up the car is instantly de-cluttered. Every gas station I happen to go to has a trash can right next to the pump, its like they knew my strategy! When we eventually arrive home we bring in that bag of stuff, sort it and put it away. The more often you do this the less "stuff" you will need to sort. 

2. Store shopping bags in your trunk. 
This will come in handy when you go food shopping and want to use your reusable bags. You can use reusable ones or recycle your shopping bags. Bags can be used to haul trash from your car or to relocate items that belong in the house. After you empty reusable bags hang them on or near your door so they find their way back to your car. The side pocket in the door of your car is also a great spot to store them. 

3. Don't go inside empty handed. 
When you leave your car make a rule for the kids too, that everyone needs to bring something inside. Need motivation; a car with stuff in it is tempting to thieves. That usually is enough to remind me to bring in my handbag or shopping bags. 

Drive Safe
Don't text or drink and drive!


  1. I have a set day of the week that is for cleaning up the car. The kids are responsible for cleaning up the back seats, because they can easily crawl in between the seats and look if there is stuff underneath as well. I clean the front seats.
    We park the car next to a dumpster, and one kid collects while the other one throws it out. After a while they switch. I don't know why, but they actually like doing this and the car gets cleaned in no-time. But it always amazes me that no matter how little time they need to clean the car, they can get it messed up again in half that time!